Our Story

We are Denna Rossi Limited, manufacturers of healthy products, fruits and still soft drinks and water that are quality assured to the Nigeria market to the best of international standards with the health consciousness of
consumers at heart which overall purpose is to enhance family health care.We are consistently making the Denna Rossi brand synonymous with daring,innovative and compelling health care experiences that go far beyond mere
healthy products.
DARING: 100% natural- 100% irresistible and free from colours and artificial flavour.
INNOVATIVE: Innovative but always satisfying the customers’ needs.
SENSATIONAL: Sensational and excites your taste. The Denna Rossi brand taste reflects the momentum, romance and excitement so inherent in the Denna Rossi brand.
We are consistently trying to create a brand synonymous with daring,innovative and compelling health care experiences that go far beyond mere healthy products.
We plan to run a functional campaign strategy to communicate the reality of the 100 percent fruit juice content of its flagship brand to consumers.
That way, the brand would be able to sustain its quality image and be more assessable to the generality of Nigerian consumers.
We intend to also position the Ivana Fruit Juice and Shappe Fruit Drink as  food products with local roots through the “Be Nigerian, Buy Nigerian” campaign. Because the fruit juice market is a peculiar market that is
driven more by volume sales than price differentiation, availability at every point of purchase is critical to market leadership. With our distribution network, we would be able to match and even surpass that of competition in certain locations.
Our success would hinge mainly on consistent high quality, good marketing support and a good understanding of the market and consumers, and of course, an enviable consumer loyalty.Our watchwords- customer loyalty, product leadership and service excellence.
The Denna Rossi brand is to be the first choice of the health-conscious.Our world-class manufacturing facility (located at Km 4 PH/Aba Expressway Oloki Uzuaku Abia State) and the most advanced packaging technology
provided by our foreign technical partners ensure that the Denna Rossi brand in its products retains the goodness of fruit and provide the essential vitamins and nutrients to consumers.
Denna Rossi is positioned to be one of the most favourite brands in Nigeria..
 Denna Rossi is able to deliver the products through massive investment in latest technology that helps to address the needs of a growing health-consciousness among Nigerian fruit juice consumers. Ivana Fruit Juice is a rare blend of the best of Nigerian and imported fruit juices.
It is a 100 percent Premium Fruit Juice product that can attain the status of market leader and capable of winning awards.Denna Rossi Fruit Juice comes with a more attractive pack designed to give more impact and to focus more on brand elements. Relying on consumer
insights, the fruit juice is packaged in Tetra Pak elongated rectangular and easy-to-open formats that are a huge delight to consumers. It’s also packed in PET/Bottle. Consumers will continue to choose Ivana Fruit juice because of its constituents and natural fruit taste. It is thick and is
readily available.Peace of mind is another name for our products and ‘Feel the Difference’ our payoff line.

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