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    DENNA ROSSI INTRODUCES NEW PRODUCTS, MOVES TO NEW OFFICE Denna Rossi Limited, manufacturers of Ivana Fruit Juice, Shappe Fruit Drink and Polar Water, has introduced the Ivana Fruit Juice, Shappe Fruit Drink and Polar Water to the Nigeria market which it described as the first choice of the health-conscious people. In a Press Statement signed by the Head of Marketing/Corporate Services of Denna Rossi Limited, Ifeanyi Nihe, the company assured of its determination to deliver the products through massive investment in latest technology that helps to address the needs of a growing health-consciousness among Nigerian fruit juice consumers. Its Ivana Fruit Juice is a rare blend of the best of Nigerian and imported fruit juices. It is a 100 percent Premium Fruit Juice product that can attain the status of market leader and capable of winning awards. The Ivana Fruit juice and Shappe Fruit Drink do not contain any preservatives, no colourants and no added sugar. The company’s world-class manufacturing facility located at Km 4 PH/Aba Expressway Oloki Uzuaku Abia State and the most advanced packaging technology provided by its foreign technical partners ensure that the Denna Rossi brand in its products retains the goodness of fruit and provide the essential vitamins and nutrients to consumers. Denna Rossi products come with more attractive packs designed to give more impact and to focus more on brand elements. Relying on consumer insights, its products are packaged in easy-to-open formats that are a huge delight to consumers. The packs also enhance the taste of the products, which come in different flavours as in the Ivana Fruit Juice and the Shappe Fruit Drink. The company is a manufacturer of healthy products, fruits and still soft drinks and water that are quality-assured to the Nigeria market to the best of international standards with the health consciousness of consumers at heart which overall purpose is to enhance family health care. Denna Rossi brand is synonymous with daring, innovative and compelling health care experiences that go far beyond mere healthy products. Its products are daring, innovative and sensational and excites the people’s taste. The products’ tastes reflect the momentum, romance and excitement so inherent in the Denna Rossi brand. This is epitomized in the new Office Complex of the company which it has recently moved into. It’s an Office complex with the State-of-the-art facility in consonance to the company’s objectives. The products come in different flavours: IVANA fruit juice with seven flavours- orange, mango, apple, apple pear, exotic, pineapple coconut,pineapple red grape fruit; They are available in Tetra Paks and PET/Bottles. SHAPPE fruit drinks with seven flavours as well - orange, mango passion, apple, strawberry and banana, tropical fruit, red grape fruit and grape fruit drink. CLUE vitamin Beverage which contains seven essential vitamins comes in three variants viz lemon, apple and peach. Its POLAR WATER is distinctly polar. It is the water of life produced by reverse osmosis. It’s available in 600 ml and 1,500 ml. Other products to be distributed by the company which are basically wines and cocktail drinks are Domkeller red and white wine, Ibiza cocktail (red and white). Adelisa Champagne and Celine Red Wine (Non-alcoholic) and Makebe,Pinacolada and Taco cream delights. The juices offer combinations of the exceptional fruits that are sourced globally and combine exceptional nutrient richness and antioxidant qualities with great taste to provide extra nourishment that helps boost wellbeing. The juices are made from the finest organic fruits and comprise 100% natural ingredients with no preservatives or added sugar or artificial colouring. They are manufactured for consumers to get the best of nutrition and are produced in response to existing consumer insights. The Denna Rossi brand engages, involves, excites and invites. Plans are on to officially launch the Ivana and Shappe range of products into the market very soon. We would be using the ATL and BTL channels of communication to promote these products. Denna Rossi Limited has commenced a functional campaign strategy to communicate the reality of the 100 percent fruit juice content of its flagship brand to consumers. That way, the brand would be able to sustain its quality image and be more assessable to the generality of Nigerian consumers. The company intends to also position the Ivana Fruit Juice as a food product with local roots through the “Be Nigerian, Buy Nigerian” campaign. Because the fruit juice market is a peculiar market that is driven more by volume sales than price differentiation, availability at every point of purchase is critical to market leadership. With our distribution network,we would be able to match and even surpass competition in certain locations. The company’s success would hinge mainly on consistent high quality, good marketing support and a good understanding of the market and consumers, and of course, an enviable consumer loyalty. Its watchwords remain customer loyalty, product leadership and service excellence. Denna Rossi Limited plans to officially launch the Ivana and Shappe range of products into the market very soon. In his remarks, the Chief Executive/Managing Director of the company, Dr Ifeanyi Nwafor revealed that the quality of the company’s products is constantly monitored to ensure that the company meets the customer’s exact requiremens. He said that the policy as a company is to grow its business based on its reputation as a first class producer of fruit juice, fruit drinks, bottle water, red wines, champagnes, evaporated milk, tomato paste etc. However,regular inspection during the production, packaging and delivery provides assurance that the required quality is being obtained in accordance with the approved standards, specifications, procedures or services required. He also assured that deficient items, materials or processes found are removed and/or further discontinued. Inspections and audits of the work in progress are performed to verify that machinery being installed,assembled, and constructed; and products and services offered are in compliance with the standards and control measures as required by Regulatory Agencies. Dr Nwafor said that the company carries out extensive consultations at the planning stages of any operation to identify how it could integrate its products with the peoples’ needs. The statement warned consumers to be careful of what they consume especially products that contain preservatives used to keep food fresh. Although there are a number of different types of food preservatives, antimicrobials, antioxidants, and products that slow the natural ripening process are some of the most common. Despite their important function, preservatives can pose a number of serious health risks which include increased risk of cancer, hyperactivity in children and reduced heart health. It revealed that the company welcomes reputable Distributors nationwide to ensure that the products get to the nook and cranny of the country and beyond.

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